Once a year, by invite only, Jim Rome lets his callers insult each other and various sports figures. Sort of the way he insulted Jim Everett by calling him Chris. Except Jim R. got Smacked by Jim E.

You can only be invited if you were stupid enough to sit on hold for 3 hours on one of his previous shows just to insult someone. If you call got racked (accepted) you could be in the smack off. I prefer the Snatch Off. Where Hookers and Clones get together and do the nasty. Fat guys like the snack off. Nothing like cheetos and masterbation. Orange Julius anyone?
Jeff in Richmond won the smack off once. And he sucked. Sean usually wins, because he blows rome before the show.
by The Silk Brah March 13, 2008
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The verbal greeting equivalent to a hand shake. "Smacking" comes from the sound peoples hands make when they slap hands during a handshake. 'Off' is the from the saying "Whats poppin off" which means "whats going down? or whats up?". Smacking off is the greeting that is a combination of the two, a handshake and a question rolled into one saying, used as a greeting amongst friends or associates.
Person 1 : Smacking off G? What you been up to lately

Person 2: Chillin man. Surviving.
Person 1: Word
by brewtis May 30, 2017
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Having one rubbed one out by a third-party.
I got Smacked off last night and it was delectable.
by Smacked off February 9, 2023
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The art of brutally masturbating everywhere you possibly can.
yo my mom just caught me smacking off it was awesome.
by ismackoff May 26, 2014
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