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A popular YouTuber known as h2odelirious is a character with baby blue jacket, with a Jason mask/hockey mask.
He is yet to show his face and has over 9 million subscribers on YouTube. He plays with vanossgaming, basicallyidowrk, I am wild cat, cartoonz, dathi de nogla, Lui caliber, etc. he addresses his fans as "the delirious army. And is in his way to 10 million people in his "army"
by Deliriousdraws September 23, 2017
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A mysterious & cool youtuber who wears a blue jacket & a mask from Friday The 13th.
Do you know H2O Delirious?

Isn't he that guy with the Jason mask?

Yes! That's him!
by Mitchel11 June 02, 2017
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