Fanfiction term meaning hurt/comfort. One character often gets hurt in the story while the other comforts him/her.
That Jim/Blair story was purely H/C.
by KimberlyFDR December 13, 2004
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Term used in fan fiction or reader insert stories where the reader is meant to insert their hair colour into the story to personalise the character
Their h/c hair swayed in the wind as they walked
by Baileytheshiningstaroftheworld September 1, 2018
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Used to denote high citrus content. Usually written on packets of fruit snacks or bottles of toilet cleaner.
man with low citrus counts: I feel like shit.
doctor: have some H/C windex.
man with low citrus counts: thanks bud.
by Jewdabber1939 August 26, 2018
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Fan-fiction term that means Hair Color
He said and he ran his fingers through your (H/C) hair
by Smiley-jade1 August 27, 2018
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Internet slang version of "fuck off". derived from "Hack and crack off". Used also as a threat to hack (or crack, if speaking in the hacker's slang) one's computer.
sometimes also used in other forms instead of the "fuck" word, like "STH&CU" instead of "STFU"
-Hello, please tell me your birthdate and social number.
-Oh man, H&C off!
by Seeder August 28, 2007
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H C P - Acronym for : Hispanics Causing Panic.
Look at those crazy Ricans! They're a bunch of Hispanics Causing Panic!(H C P)
by Los Cholos December 22, 2010
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An expression where you feel hyped and full of adrenaline, you want to just mow through everything!

Inspired by Lightning McQueen: I am speed.
My boy y g g i just wants to go w a h c a k on c a r l y
by y g g i y a g June 8, 2021
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