A Gypsy Dog is all ribs and dick.
Did you see that guy at the pub hitting on all the girls?

He was a real gypsy dog
by bigcox2 May 17, 2010
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Similar to dogging but takes place on Gypsy camps.
A Gypsy Dogger will approach the camp in his car and flash his headlights at the camp until a gypo comes out with a shotgun. He'll then jump out of his car and run about the camp - avoiding the bullets from the shotgun - shouting "all join on if you wanna gypo dog". Once a memeber of the gypo camp joins on or gets "tagged" anal sex takes place. Once the male gets his cock up the females arse it's against the code of the gypsy to shoot them. Although the Gypsy Dogger is 'fair game' to be shot once he takes his pecker out again. Once finished he must escape the camp and drive away - hopefully alive and without any STDs.

Gypsy Dogging is a dangerous sexual act and only performed by the mentally retarded.
RIP. Here lays Simon Coddpostinga who was killed whilst Gypsy Dogging.
by The Shockmaster July 20, 2004
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