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(Also gynephilia, or gyne) In behavioral science it's the attraction to the woman gender, rather than the female sex. This means they are capable of being attracted to someone if their gender identity is a woman. This includes both trans women, and cis women. People of any gender, or sex can be gynesexual. Which means straight men can be gynesexual, as well as lesbians, and non-binary people.

Along with gynesexual, androsexual is the attraction to the man gender. Ambisexual includes both gynesexuality, and androsexuality.

This shouldn't be confused with femmesexual / femsexual, which is the attraction to the feminine gender expression, rather than the woman gender identity. However someone can be both gynesexual, and femmesexual.
I'm a transgender woman, and my girlfriend is a cis woman. We're both gynesexual.
by Miss Star Child March 11, 2018
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A sexuality involving an attraction towards the feminine form.
a male, attracted to females (heterosexual) could also be called Gynesexual
a female attracted to females (homosexual) could be called Gynesexual as we
p1: so are you like... gay... straight?
p2: I'm Gynesexual
p1: and that means what exactly?
p2: I like girls
p1: why not just say you're gay?
p2: Because I am transgender, and it is often less complicated and less debatable if I just say I'm gynesexual.
by Azarath99 February 04, 2018
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Someone who is sesexually attracted to breasts, vaginas and femininity. Not necessarily has to identify as a female.
"I am a gynesexual"
"Get your mind out of the gyne-gutter"
by HanTrash November 20, 2014
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