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1. A fictional creature that bears a strong resemblance to a lemming, being quite rounded in shape with yellow and black short, soft fur. It has a very small round fluffy tail, a stubby snout, short legs, and round protruding ears. The creature is derived from the urban myth that lemmings commit mass suicide when they migrate. It is hypothesized that during such a migration, a gworf would recognize the futility of the mindless behavior of the swarm and seek to escape the stampede.

2. An individual that goes against the crowd, a deviant.

3. The opposite of a lemming.
"She is such a gworf."
by Rand Cypher June 12, 2018
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the short ass azn dude looks like a gworf, lookin all hunchback with that goofy jacket, not talking to anybody, with his socially awkard ass
by Sa-Yo December 21, 2010
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