Gwendolyn is a beautiful girl, but she doesn’t think so. She is a little reserved at first, but cares very much for the things she loves. She is very passionate and sometimes her attitude gets people irritated with her. She is very honest and will tell you straight-up is you’re being stupid. To people who don’t know her, Gwendolyn is a serious and responsible person, but she’s actually stressing out about an assignment that’s due in 2 weeks. If anyone listens, Gwendolyn could talk for days on end. She can be in deep conversation with someone and the next second, she’ll zone out.
Person A: Wow, Gwendolyn is such a good student. She always turns in her homework on time.
Person B: Yeah, I wish I were like that.
by the-random-human- June 7, 2019
Gwendolyn is the type of person that can light up someone’s whole entire world with just a simple hello, she’s a very intelligent, gorgeous, funny, kind, caring, and all around adorable. She’s that one person you want to keep in your life to treasure and care for, her smile always seems to brighten up someone’s day even though she may not know it. Gwendolyn is beautiful inside and out.
by chyperyoongs June 11, 2018
Gwendolyn is a smart, funny, faithful girl. When she walks into a room she makes everyone smile, If you are lucky enough to date a Gwendolyn she will make your life a thousand times better. I'm dating a Gwendolyn and she made my life better. Take my advice if you are dating a Gwendolyn treat her right and dont hurt her or you will regret it.
Person:Look its Gwendolyn
Person 2: She is pretty cute
Person: Maybe you should ask her out
Person 2: Maybe I will
*Person 2 walks away*
by LoveDoctor255 March 6, 2015
the raddest chick you will ever know.
That gwendolyn just walked by. I'm sweatin.
by look up the number December 15, 2007
she is the best person you will ever meet. She is a queen. Sometimes she can be a bitch but thats hot. Everybody thinks shes mean but thats just because of her resting bitch face. But when she smiles you are in love. Gwendolyn is such a good person by heart. Even her friends think shes mean. So be afraid when you see her. GRrrrrr
Wow! theres Gwendolyn shes so pretty!!!!!! Wow i'm so jealous of Gwendolyn! I'm in love with Gwendolyn
by December 2, 2020
Gwensolyne is a very kind strong and awesome person! When you need her she will always be there for you. She may sit always alone but actually loves to make friends! If you are friends with a Gwendolyne, you will see how kind and adorable she is! Gwendolyne wants to find out who's her true love! It's a brilliant person at all and veeery sweet! Gwendolyne can be called by: Gwen, Gwendo or just Gwendolyne
She fight sometimes when you hurt one of Gwendolyne's friends. She shows herself strong and is not a b◇tch at all!
Someone: Gwendolyne, i hurted my knee very bad
Gwendolyne: here, let me help ypu
by Call me AK August 21, 2018
Gwendolyn is literally the cutest girl in the world. She has long curly hair, big eyes and exotically exquisite face. She is a huge fan of urbandictionary; that's why she should be recorded. Other than that, she has a friend who's extremely smart and talented, Shannon Yin.
Gwendolyn Goins is always the bff of Shannon Yin.
by Cheetoo April 10, 2018