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Hey Rob, are you finally going to gwag tonight?
by Ron Fangirl January 19, 2017
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1. Slang, derived from a combination of the German for Psychopath 'Wagner' and the American for gangster 'Gangsta'. Generally used to describe a man with a short fuse and a tendency to solve disagreements by using culinary utensils.
2.Can also be used to describe someone driving with malice and blatant disregard for public safety.
1. The most common example of this is when someone tries to cut out the throat of adversary using up to two pairs of kitchen scissors
2. When a BMW driver runs over your wife and children on a zebra crossing, it is more than likely that they have been 'G-Wagged'.
by Chris Rogerson August 19, 2005
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1.a pimp ass nigga that knows whats up.

2. a nigga dat steals your yoshi

3. a term used to say "sexy ass nigga dat bwns you"

4. a really cute bunny

5. byarf
1.that gwag he knows whats up

2. what happened to your yoshi man?? gwag...

3. oh are you playing cod4 with a gwag tenth prestige

4. byarf

5.hey hows it goin?...(other man) byarf :I
by ILoveNegros April 22, 2009
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