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A guy who is so hairy that he looks like he should be wearing and animal skin tunic and carrying a big wooden club like the cave men in the Geico commercials.
Look at that guyco wrestler on the other team,He looks like a woolly mammoth.
by wolfbait51 May 10, 2011
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A guy who looks like the Geico caveman. A Guyco is someone nobody really cares about since they don't really know his name, just "that guy who looks like a shit smearing caveman".

Guycos are not really socially developed as they are fascinated with fart noises even in adulthood and they behave like they are in middle school sex ed even though they sit in the back row in plumbing school.

Guycos cope with their short comings, immaturity, and stunted intellect by mimicking and attempting to ridicule intelligent and successful people even though the joke is on them... Because they look, act, and probably smell like cavemen.

Little is known about what became of the original Geico caveman after he was replaced by a lizard, except he was last seen in Miami, FL on construction sites. He remains super salty however because people still give him easy tasks and get surprised when he's able to complete them.
Justin: Look, I made a poopy!

Concerned Person: Very good Justin, you made a poopy. Can you next time get that poopy in the toilet? And stop putting your fingers in your mouth after playing with your poopy!!! You're such a Guyco!

Justin: Yaaaay! Plumbing is so easy, a Guyco can do it.
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by Dr.FartScientist October 24, 2018
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A highly promoted and financed auto insurance company that cleverly lures the prospective customer to "check us out and save some money".
Have you checked out GuyCo for your automotive insurance needs? No.
by Annoyed viewer and/or listener January 27, 2004
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