very hot, loves to party, usually a very sweet girl, fair, exotic, bubbly, fun loves to hang out, smart, likes to laugh, goes crazy and loves music.
kyle: does guyane look fine?
Lia: (hits him) shut up shes my friend, shes maybe hot but shes got the brain youll never have.
by Amanddaaaa October 10, 2008
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To be simpy awsome

to be "pure" perfect
wow i met this great person last night. He was so guyan!
by bobnud May 5, 2007
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A sports oriented guy with a nice 6-pack who tends to get all the ladies and the men ;)
John: HEY! It's a Guyan!
Ellen: Ooh look at his 6-pack! It even has a 6-pack!
John: Man I wish I was a Guyan...
by Sumebod3oncetoldme February 4, 2020
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The girl version of a womanizer. One who goes after many guys at once even if she has a boyfriend.
Girl 1: Omg! Did you see Katie flirting with Chris?

Girl 2: Yeah, she was all over him...isn't she still dating William though?

Girl 1: Yeah she was flirting with that other guy too. Ugh look at her she's such a guyanizer!
by annoyedbyher May 31, 2010
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