"I'm smoking on that that guy."
"This guy has an odor."
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by Blkboard October 06, 2018
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G.U.Y is a short way to say Girl Under You, it was introduced in Lady Gaga's song G.U.Y from the ARTPOP album.
"i wanna be the g.u.y, the girl under you"
by Juanita la del Barrio October 24, 2020
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A person who when with girls and not others friends is a nice and caring person. But when with his friends is a total different person. They because a person who tries to be cool and fit in. They also when a girl talks to them they try to roast them. But by thenselves and with girls they tend to care about them and what they think.
Guy 1: hey there’s your girlfriend.

Guy 2: hey Ellie

Guy 3: did you hear Ellie got a a+ on her math test because she cheated off of josh(smartest kid in class)
All guys: laughing


Guy 2: hey just wondering how did you do on the math test
Ellie: I completely flunked it. I got a D- on it
Guy 2: oh I’m really sorry I hope you do better on the next one
by Annyomis December 24, 2017
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Grandpa Trevor and Con Gabe
Everyone knows Trevor and Connor are GUYS
by Huge Hog Haver May 09, 2021
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A brilliant mate with lots of friends , very popular in school and is a girl magnet he loves his friends and create about his family , he is the best person on your life so if you know one don't let him go
by Yo my G. 12378 June 23, 2019
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Guy is a name given to a special type of peoples most of the times they will act like an idiot BUT sometimes they can be really good friends

guys can sometime do very VERY stupid thing even if they are smart

guys are baseicly weird type of ppls that sometimes act like an aliens

guys are the type of peoples that being called jerks a lot of times

No one knows why the guys are acting like that but be sure that one day some one will understand what is happening with their mind

Most of the times peoples call Guy a Gay
why guy is acting so mean?
wtf bro stop being a guy

u r such a guy
by martiBackty June 18, 2021
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