When you are in an odd-numbered person situation and everyone else pairs off to do something fun (usually sex) and you're left by yourself on the couch to watch t.v., play video games, eat leftovers, do something not as fun as everyone else. In horror movies, this character is usually the first one to die to demonstrate how the monster works.
"Hey man! How was the party last night?"

"Sucked, bro. I was the only single guy there and everyone else was paired off and fucking in the bedrooms by 11. I was the guy on the couch eating cold pizza and watching Matlock reruns by myself."
by Big Danny T January 28, 2014
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That dude that showed up with your homie, that you barely know who ends up staying at your crib long after your friend leaves, to smoke up the rest of your weed.
by Untraced March 4, 2011
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A room mate that holds no job but has a lot of money in a bank account, like he/she got a huge settlement from being hit from a car or a rich uncle died.
Phil, the guy on the couch, got 6 figures when that 18-wheeler hit him!!
by Wulfy August 27, 2007
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Two guys who arent gay but blow eachother while doing a podcast on the couch
Thomas and Pete were two guys and a couch doing a podcast
by Stephchiohey September 19, 2017
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