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A big nasty, most likely a desperate tramp. Most usually found in government housing projects. Also found at most clinics
Dude 1: AYYY YOOO, you remember that girl i met in the nati last night?

Dude 2: FO SHO mayne, that trick was such a gutter butt!
by IZZZZY_ July 10, 2008
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Popularized by New York in the show "Flavor of Love"
when discribing one of the contestants nibblez

Meaning Trashey girl, classless hoe,dirty, hoeish, nastey, Mostlikeley conatines STD or some type of Vaginal infection
New York:"Flave, Nibblez....shes a Gutter Butt"

Flave: "Woooord?!?!?!"

New York: "word.......NEW YORK IS IN THA MUTHA FUCKIN HOUSE!!!!!"
by jeffro5k September 10, 2006
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An uncontrollable and explosive liquid fecal event. Usually, accompanied by a lingering and telltale stench.
Tony: What the hell is that stench?

Chuck: I had five cans of chili and 12 beers last night. Now, I have gutterbutt.
by zieg99 July 30, 2006
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