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The Gutter Skank, as previously pre-supposed is an unfortunate individual whose actions/beliefs/appearance has forced them into the status of said title. These folk generally take abode in gutters; although some have been found lurking in enclosures such as the open garage or broken dustbin. The gutter skank professes a love for metal tasting objects, and for the grimy leaves found at the kerb in the Autumn months. This explains the heightened appearance in the season. Gutter Skanks are resenting of small children and will strike with force and animosity given the chance. They are exclusive from society and rely on the exchanging of blood for food as survival. It is often said that the term "mud-blood" taken from the popular novels by a not so popular author was derived from the worthlessness of a Gutter Skanks blood. This pittance is the cause for the dying out of this once plaguing race, now there are only two remaining. To rid yourself of a possible infestation of Gutter Skank, you must implement the use of giraffe semen in your everyday life e.g. using it as washing up liquid.
Symptoms of a possible infestation are namely the putrid smell of vomit and burning flesh, and the disappearance of valuables, food and babies.
Oh dear, there is a Gutter Skank a yonder
by breakfast1 February 02, 2009
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Gutterskank-a female who has descended below the questionable moral character of the common whore in favor a lack of any moral fiber all together usually resulting in a pitiful disease ridden state. One need no longer negotiate for the affection of such a creature for it shall be given for any meager item or small amount of monetary compensation one is willing to give; for the wretch in question no longer has a true “soul” and is more a mere husk of an entity than an actual human being. The swine lusts for nothing more than to merely survive in her piteous repulsive state such as a sewer rat might (though it may in fact be an insult to the rat in question), thus she has crawled into the proverbial “gutter” of existence and is looked down upon by society as an extreme form of a “skank”.
That filthy ass gutter skank down on the corner has three STD’s and gives head for French fries.
by Steven Runyan March 08, 2008
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A person, typically a chic, who is as dirty and skanky as one can get, can be hoish, slutty, disgusting, or jus plain NASTY!
Jenny is such a gutter skank, did u see those hooker boots she was wearing yesterday, she thinks she Julia Roberts!
by K8e April 03, 2004
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