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Guru Gossip (sometimes Gossiper) is a messy, poorly run message board masquerading as an honest space where members can vent freely about internet and beauty culture, mainly Youtube MUAs comme Jeffree Star, Michelle Phan, or Jaclyn Hill.

There are endless threads devoted to a variety of gurus and Internet personalities where you slowly realize that it is nothing more than a circlejerk for lonely women to engage in petty, childish, high school-like behavior. Members are subtly encouraged to degrade their targets for their appearance, to invade their privacy by looking up addresses and contacts, and are constantly looking for ways to report them to law enforcement for things like buying purebred pug puppies or having too many kids.

All the while the gossipers will compare themselves to prove just how successful, prettier, and much nicer they are than them, which leaves you wondering how someone can be so rich and happy, when they’re spending hours a day ranting about assymetrical noses and sponsored trips.
Abigail: I found a thread on Danielle Mansutti on Guru Gossiper!
Tanya: You’re kidding, what does it say? Is it anything good?
Abigail: No, it’s horrible. They spent five pages fighting with each other because one person had the audacity to admit she thinks she’s naturally very pretty!
by TauKitty June 12, 2018
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An internet forum where fans and haters of Youtube gurus can rave or rant about their favorite or least favorite Youtube guru; users can also create other posts related to local or national news or just celebrity gossip in general.

They also somehow believe they are better than the "lying" and "deceitful" gurus and helping make the universe a better place by sitting around on a computer all day bashing semi successful/popular girls who make videos for a living isn't exactly the prime example of honorary, dignified or respectful.
"The most disliked youtube beauty gurus on Guru Gossip are the Fowler sisters(Juicystar07/Allthatglitters21) and Michellephan."
by Candaygurlll June 05, 2012
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