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Jaclyn Hill just got exposed on a YouTube channel called Tea Spill because her lipsticks are causing people to have bacterial infections.
by gymnastgirl556 June 24, 2019
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{jack-lynn hil}
A Gorgeous and very talented beauty YouTuber with over 5 million subs. She’s originally from Chicago but now resides in Florida. She was once married to drummer Jon Hill. All the hate she receives is obviously from envious trolls. She’s accused of pushing the brand Morphe Cosmetics on her subscribers. Morphe Cosmetics the brand she collabed with for her Jaclyn Hill palette that sold out in minutes , her vault collection, and brush set. How dare her trying to make coin. What kind of person is she doing her job. Tsk , tsk Jaclyn! Jaclyn Hill is where she is because her subscribers see her talent and passion for makeup. And that’s 💯.

Jaclyn Hill- “No Harsh Lines”
Jaclyn Hill- “Blend until your fingers bleed’”
Jaclyn Hill- “ Use my code Jackattack when checking out”(for morphe)
Hater #1-“ ugh she’s so pretty” but comments “why can’t you do a video without mentioning Morphe”
Hater #2- “ I wish I had her life” but comments “why is your face so fat?”
Hater #3- “Jon and Jaclyn are so cute together ” but comments “I’m glad he finally left your ass”
I STAN Jaclyn Hill.
by GingerScorpio October 10, 2019
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