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The coolest person on the block. Likes to party.Plays games to much and still gets good grades.
A new Gurtej just moved in next door!
by Vivek Nandur September 16, 2003
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It has an amazing meaning which is 'Glory Of God'. This may be a burden on some but not to this person.
When required to meet a deadline, Gurtej will meet the deadline.
by Anonymous March 25, 2005
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Someone or something that cannot meet a deadline
Can also be referred to as Deadline Boy
U've done a Gurtej


Gurtej why is your work in late?
by Naddem Naz June 30, 2004
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gurtej wears a turban he is from india and has a collection of camels and currys. he is a complete nob and calling someone a gurtej is an insult for being a complete twat
ure such a gurtej

dont be a gurty

by ? April 09, 2005
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