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One of a young unkown GOD.
Apeared in one of Asias legendary.
He has a control of many powers.

The name means 'build' or 'A king'.
Unlike other gods,he likes to live with a living humans.
God who doesn't like to be known.
As his wish he is not really known but very strong.
He brings endless love and luck to people he likes but gives despair and fear to the ones he hates.
Also know as a god who doesn't like sweets.
Of all the gods Gunwoo is one of the strongest but never known god.

He showed up and gave hope to me but fear to him,he was Gunwoo
by XIIIV October 16, 2018
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An old man with a lot of swag. Usually tall and does not look good with a middle part, despite always having one.
My grandpa is so Gunwoo today.
by Swagwoo January 23, 2016
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A person with lots of swag. But swag style from the future and the 1970's-2012 mixed in. Never question him about it, just let him enjoy his swag style. Also very awkward. And the leader of MYNAME(a K-Pop group).
"That shirt is so Gunwoo!"
by GunwooOOOOO September 19, 2015
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