Pouring any thick, sticky liquid over your body - particularly food items such as syrup, beaten eggs, pudding, chocolate sauce, etc. - then performing a sexual act either alone or with another person.
Ryan dumped a whole bowl of chocolate pudding on his junk then went on his webcam and jacked off for me. It was the hottest gunging I've seen in a long time!
by michiganmess April 1, 2009
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The group performing of sexual acts on a recently buried corpse. Usually played as a game wherby the first person to ejaculate must place his lips over the dead persons sexual parts while his fellow competitors jump on the stomach.
Are you coming gunging later ?
by green ribbon November 7, 2010
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1) <noun> A name for any thick, sticky substance that has no particular identity.

2) <verb> Slang; To gunge; To ejaculate.
1) "I've got gunge all over my boot from walking in that marsh."

2) "I gunged on your face."
by Stuart Fletcher February 17, 2005
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any sticky, nasty, and or unidentifiable substance often found under diner booths and on cafeteria floors.
damn, i got some green gunge all over my new kicks
by curmbox January 19, 2005
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To have Gunge poured over your head

Normally used as a punishment or forfeit
She got gunged for losing the gameshow
by PseudonymsSuck October 20, 2013
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Gung is the word you use when you are confhsed.
Sanaa: jadyn you are gay

Jadyn: sanaa I'm gung
by Jerryjumper April 24, 2017
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