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Another ill-conceived idiotic idea by hoplophobes trying to force their extreme views upon everyone. The premise of this ideologue is criminals, who by definition regularly break the law, will suddenly obey the law because a new one was just created.
Virginia Tech implemented a gun-free zone on their grounds after a 2005 gun incident. In this incident, a student who was legally carrying a pistol stopped an armed assailant by confronting him. It is a tragic irony that the "leaders" of that college then took away the one thing that could of prevented the 2007 tragedy.
by Eddy August 04, 2007
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Yet another hare-brain feel good do nothing idea by the loony leftwing and hoplophobes that backfired. Gun free zones has never prevented a school shooting, and has made Washington D.C. one of the worst cities for murder and gun violence.
Loony Leftwing NUT: I know, we'll create a gun free zone and magically all the criminals will suddenly start obeying the law and disarm themselves!

Hoplophobe: Yeah, that's a great idea!

Logical Person: It's been tried so many times and is a proven failure. What makes you think it will work this time?
by Eddy November 01, 2007
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