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One of Forrest Gump-like disposition, lacking in basic cognitive and linguistic skills. Possessing a knack for having a constant look of bemusement on their face.

Also used to describe the language spoken/typed by a person of Gumpish disposition.
Matthew: "he ring up late not and got tell there is no problem with it."

Smithie: "Dude...that sounds so gumpish, what the hell are you talking about?"
by Jellyfish December 15, 2005
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adj. 1. considered to be excessive about walking, running or jogging. 2. preferring bipedal locomotion for environmentally conscious reasons. 3. pertaining to walking or running aimlessly with no particular motivation in mind, or simply for emotional release.
That gumpish dude took a 16.4 mile walk to the beach the other day!
by George Cotsonas April 23, 2008
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