When two guitar players face each other, stand very close together, and rock out. This typically occurs onstage at a concert, where many voyeurs are present in the audience to observe the sexual encounter. Guitar Sex often coincides with a guitargasm and frequently features guitar face by one or more of the involved parties.
NOTE: Instead of two guitar players, Guitar Sex can occur between a guitar player and a bass player, a guitar player and a keytar player, or any combo of two people playing guitar-like instruments.
Hey, let's have sex with our guitars!

Did you see those two guys having guitar sex?

Dude, did you check out the Flecktones concert last week?
Yeah, man, Bela Fleck and Vic Wooten were totally having guitar sex!
by emsee May 17, 2006
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When your partner takes an entire guitar up their rectum.
Daniel: Did you hear? Sara and Mike had some mad guitar sex
Michael: Man I wish I was a musician!
by BoiDafaqqq April 16, 2017
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A shared stare between a guitarist onstage and an audience member that has so much sexuality, its orgasmic.
Oh my god! you are SO having Guitar Sex with him!
by erin August 6, 2004
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Common name for the bass guitar. Credited to its loin-frothing baritone grooves aswell as its slit-fizzing funk licks.
Are you going to the Manhattan Exchange gig Tonight?
Yeah, I hear their Sex Guitarist is daycent biy.
by J.C.ManhattanExchange November 6, 2009
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