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A person who is awesome at Rock Band or Guitar Hero, but who completely sucks at real guitar.
Man, I am awesome at Rock Band.

Yeah, but you're a guitar queero
by Magica Juan January 28, 2008
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Somebody that is overly obsessed with guitar hero. They also think that scoring big point on TTFATF (Through the fire and the flames) will actually make them cool and get them somewhere in life.
Person 1: Hey i got 700K in TTFATF
Person 2: Shut up you Guitar Queero
by KSI Ryder 7 September 24, 2008
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When you earn 100% on ANY song on expert level in Guitar Hero and/or Rock Band and then post video of the deed on YouTube.
Queero: I passed "One" 100% on Expert. Now I'm uploading it to YouTube.

Normal Guy: You're such a guitar queero.
by A Hen August 10, 2008
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its when you have guitar hero1,2, and 3 and you play it every day of your life and you beat the game in 2 days or less

WARNING-if 2 or more of those apply to you have some-one hide the game for a long period of time
did you hear monica broke up with greg cuz he was turning into a guitar queer-o!!
by hot zizzle January 20, 2008
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playing guitar hero for so long your a bigger nerd than a fat guy who plays world of warcraft
sims:i played guitar hero 3 for like 13 hours last night!!!
zack:dood your a guitar queero
by simsl337 November 18, 2007
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69 with a guitar of the same sex, also peanut butter and pacman is involved.
"i want a guitar queero with pacman and mrs. pacman, also blinky the blue ghost, now inky the red one, he's not good enough"
by Lance Hardwood February 02, 2008
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