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1. Meaning famous in battle, usually brave people and good leaders.

2. Someone who is made of a unique combination between weird and awesome which daffles you and becomes addicting.

3. Evil reincarnate. Tends to be the cold type who carefully plans the destruction of the world in her free time... but you never know... Beware.
1.Cindy:OhMyhGosh look at her, what is she doing?!!
Hanna:I don't know, but I want to join her *-*

2.Dan:Hey there! what're you up to?
Guiomar: *Bark*
Dan: 0.o
Guiomar: *Viciously bite and tear*
by fangs April 30, 2009
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A very strange, yet super cute person. She will dazzle you with her craziness, and sometimes make you wonder if she’s a psychopath. She always gets the last laugh out of any situation, always. She usually tends to stay out of fights and takes the high road, mostly because she doesn’t want a bad reputation. She usually masters at a type of art, such as music or drawing. If there’s a time she’s acting quiet, and a lot less crazy than usual, that probably means something is wrong or she’s hurt. Restrictions are a big no for her, she likes having her own freedoms and can be very independent. Her impulsiveness takes her a very long way. You will probably end up getting hooked to her , because she’s very quirky and fun. She could be the spawn of a demon, but don’t be afraid, she won’t hurt you.
1. “Omg, what is wrong with Guiomar?”

“Nothing. She is always that energetic.”

2. “Hey, whats up.”

The sky.” :) ~
by Lala_boo March 29, 2018
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