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A person Indian subcontinent descent that has adopted the mannerisms and style of a Guido.
For anyone spending time in Jersey you will notice the clash of cultures that has led to the emergence of Guindus. They have blow out haircuts, polos with popped collars, and love club music, but they by no means do they need a fake tan, since they are born brown.
by Eyeroller1313 November 29, 2009
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A hindu guy (indian) who thinks he's guido and thinks he can run sh*t. Making an attempt to look guido, these Guindus are high in doubt to get b*tcheszz wearing their unwashed armani shirt which is also the exact same thing they wear on every special occasions (e.g. parties, club teen nights, etc.); a hindu guido = Guindu !!!

Guindu-ette = the female version of a Guindu
damnn that kid is Guindu as fCuk !!! i smell onions & curry !!!
by j313 151 BCRdi May 21, 2006
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