A beautiful girl that thinks she isn't but is. And makes people laugh even on social media. She loves drawing and has the biggest smile on the earth and is the most beautiful woman you will ever meet/know
Cutest girl?: Guen
Good artist?: Guen
Someone that can make you laugh?:guen
a loving person: Guen
by 010101010102002029393 March 16, 2018
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A true, natural, one-of-a-kind pimp

The kind of dude that has a big breasted wife who constantly makes him dope ass food.
Person 1: Yo, did you see that guy land a nollie double kickflip?

Person 2: Yeah, that guy’s a Guen.
by PreauxChoice May 15, 2020
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1. N. One who consumes infant flesh.

2. V. The act of consuming infant flesh; to consume infant flesh. (alt. forms: Guened, Guening, Guens).
1. That cannibal was like a Guen in an infant ward.

2. My babysitter Guened my newborns.
by Grandmaster Funk February 1, 2004
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