Shield Hero chapters 31 and 32 in the manga
"Yo man, what they did to Myne and the King in The Shield hero was hella lit!"
" I know man, those two chapters were gucci as hell!"
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A word used for expressing the approval of something or that it makes you happy
I love that idea do you?
Its gucci
by Britanna4lkfw October 21, 2017
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A word materialist snobs use to thing they are cool
Natalie; I quiet enjoy Kmart. it provides me with the satisfaction of having cheap, yet high quality items for an extensive period of time. Kenneth do you like Kmart?

Ken; Neh, I is only shopping @ Gucci. I is unemployed and cannot afford much but I is good at recording Gucci. Kmart is bad bad and noot good.

Makaylah: Kenneth, Kmart has good quality clothes. Maybe if you stopped being a materialistic snob, you would have a wide range of clothing preferences to choose from.
by Guccih8r101 June 25, 2018
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A company frm where i can never afford things
Nishtha :hey sath can you buy me gucci shoes for my birthday.....
Sath: no .......wait i cant but diya can gift us both two pairs of shoes ..... ...????😉😉
Diya : yah i can but firstly u have to give me ur one kidney each .....😊
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by ......# seriously.....life suc December 18, 2018
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