a play on the name of the dwarf character in the classic Grimm Brother's fairy tale which is used to label someone who is pissed off for an insignificant reason

use this term to further aggravate someone who is already excessively angry for unimportant reasons; personal amusement comes from watching the Grumpelstiltskin become more angry and frustruated upon being called this name

Sally(angry and irrational): OH MY GOD! Someone ate all the Special K! I'm gonna f'n kill someone! All I wanted all day was my fucking cereal! I HATE THIS!!!

Sarah(calm and cool): Simmer down, Grumpelstiltskin.

Sally: Fuck you! I hate you, you cock-juggling thunder cunt!...(continues to yell and scream and hate on Sarah)
by Jessie L May 25, 2007
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Someone who is a perpetual ass(usually in management) who gives out commands without providing the knowledge necessary to get it done, relishes in the unavoidable failure and is grumpy when one succeeds.
1"So I found the building, legit, in the last second, after being given bogus directions and she looked mad when I came back with the prints."

2"What a Grumpelstiltskin."

by Bustaword17 May 02, 2010
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Another name for feces, poop, doo doo, and or crap.
"Grumpy" is the short version of the word.
"Grumpster" is also another version of the word.

This version of the word is not to be confused with the play titled "Grumpelstiltskin".
"That was a mighty find "Grumpelstiltskin" I just took".

"I really need to take a "Grumpy".

"Holy smokes, that was a serious "Grumpster" I just had.
by Mr. Blada July 07, 2009
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