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Used as term to address a close family or personal friend.

Derived from little known side characters of a popular comic found in a D&D magazine called Dragon. The comic featured two main characters, Phil and Dixie, who’s plots to act out a planned feature article, ‘Sex in D&D’, were often foiled by small, brain-dead purple/violet dragons whom had no vocabulary, save one word, a confused, questioning exclamation which they barked out as they inadvertently burped flames, setting Phil's derby or the drapes or (insert anything here) on fire.

The noise they made was: ‘Growf?!’

Though the term is associated with these small, brain-dead dragons it is not a term of spitefulness but rather one of endearment.
"GrOwF?! I have a question for you. I'm not sure if I have or haven't asked you this yet but WTF is a GrOwF?!???" - Lego
by Lego April 01, 2003
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the answer to the question "hows that taste", when the tasting is not yet over.......particularly post coitus in a blowjob.
by wingman May 20, 2004
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