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Used as term to address a close family or personal friend.

Derived from little known side characters of a popular comic found in a D&D magazine called Dragon. The comic featured two main characters, Phil and Dixie, who’s plots to act out a planned feature article, ‘Sex in D&D’, were often foiled by small, brain-dead purple/violet dragons whom had no vocabulary, save one word, a confused, questioning exclamation which they barked out as they inadvertently burped flames, setting Phil's derby or the drapes or (insert anything here) on fire.

The noise they made was: ‘Growf?!’

Though the term is associated with these small, brain-dead dragons it is not a term of spitefulness but rather one of endearment.
"GrOwF?! I have a question for you. I'm not sure if I have or haven't asked you this yet but WTF is a GrOwF?!???" - Lego
by Lego April 2, 2003
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a branch of the 'official' continental European Portuguese language that over the 500 or so years of this giant country has become as rich and diverse as the millions of people from varying backgrounds who use it.

It's just a pity that not every country has a decent infrastructure on which to build a quality educational framework, perhaps if the Portguese and the various other invaders had entered the country with a different philosophy, not just one of 'snatch & grab', things would have been different.
person1. "Wow, as a learner, I far prefer the musicality and accessible depth of expression of Brasilian Português!"

person2. "Hmm, I agree. European Portuguese sounds like a mix between Turkish, Russian and spitting food."
by Lego February 14, 2005
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actually it should be Jabuticaba in Portuguese or Jaboticaba in English -

Brazilian evergreen tree: a Brazilian evergreen tree of the myrtle family cultivated for its clusters of fruit. Latin name Myrciaria cauliflora.

Early 17th century. Via Portuguese from Tupi iauoti`kaua .
the fruit is very tasty!
by Lego February 14, 2005
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