To fuck a woman from behind as she vomits in the toilet.
Guy 1: "I Gave that bitch the ground chuck"
Guy 2: "Whats That?"
Guy 1: " I Fucked her so hard she puked!"
by jester22151 May 14, 2009
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The poor man's Steak and a Blow Job Day. Instead of an elegant steak dinner and blow job, the man eats hamburgers at home followed by a mediocre round of obligatory sex.
Michael - "Hey man, it's Steak and Blow Job Day. Is your girl taking you out for a porterhouse tonight before going down on you?"

Jeff - "Sadly no. We're low on funds so it looks like it's another year of hamburgers followed by a dead lay."

Michael - "Ha! Another Ground Chuck and a Fuck Day for your poor ass!"
by qqduck March 13, 2008
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