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The male version of Valentine's Day. Per the holiday's official website at, if the guy takes care of his girl on Valentine's Day, then she makes him feel special a month later on March 14 by giving him the 2 things that men love: steak and a blowjob.
Tom: What did you do on March 14?

Bob: Susan made me a steak and then gave me an amazing blowjob.

Tom: Why?

Bob: Because I spoiled her with flowers and a nice dinner on Valentine's Day, and March 14 is Steak and a Blow Job Day.

Tom: Damn. I shouldn't have ignored my girl on Valentine's Day.

Bob: True! Hey, I posted some pics on the official Steak and BJ Day Facebook page. Go see
by Urban Guru March 14, 2015
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A day celebrated on March 14. On which the woman in a relationship is supposed to give the man a blow job after making a steak dinner.
Woman-"What's today's date?"
Man-"Steak and a blow job day! March 14,! Hooray!!!!!! I'm a carnivore with sexual needs and desires!"
by carpediem March 14, 2007
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