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A large stick, preferably with alot of branches sticking out in all directions.
Hailey- Woah, look at that huge grotto!
Julia- OMG let's go carry it around, show it off to our friends
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1. The term for a females anus
2. Chocolate dessert
1. On my birthday my girlfriend finally let me dip it in her grotto.
2. My girlfriend passed out the other night, so I decided to lick her grotto-what else am I going to do?
by Mistymay December 13, 2007
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A small town located in Virginia where the lowest trailer trash and wannabe blacks live. Everyone smokes pot and gets drunk every weekend. If you don't hunt, you're considered the lowest of society and you are shunned from their existence. The 'cool' thing for kids to do is to walk to the Food Lion and hang out while they are high off of Febreze. Kids here think they are rich if they have more than $20 and own 1/4 a pound of pot. The cops here are out to get you because there are a total of 16 speeding traps in the city. Mexicans here are considered cool, which is how you know this town is low.
I went to Grottoes last weekend and my butthole still hurts. Not a place you wanna go, man.
by MyCityy March 20, 2011
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A way to describe a person, typically a girl, who has accepted the fact that s(he) is ugly. Instead of bottling up thier insecurities and imperfections and act like normal people, they choose to use odd clothing and unorthodox speech habits to get the attention the desire. These grotto chicks may range from artistic to hippy to thrift store junky. Most grottos are very easily identified blatantly covering up thier booming insecurities.
"wow, that girl had hairy armpits and was wearing very ugly flashy clothing!"

"yes my friend, that girl was a grottochick."
by Rory Greggain October 18, 2007
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the area between your balls and asshole
"after dinner and dancing,we got home and she sucked my dick&licked my grotto"
by lindo69 November 15, 2007
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/Graw-toh/ "grot-to" , "grot-to-ing" , "grot-toed" , "grot-to-er" , "grot-to-ment"
(n.) A sacred place in the midst of the Guerin Catholic's forest that was commonly attended for prayer and reflection before athletic events, but was later depreciated by a couple of horny frosh that couldn't wait 'til they got home.

(v.) The act of attending Guerin Catholic's grotto to give or receive any kind of sexual pleasure with a significant other who also seeks sexual pleasure.
1. "Do you even Grotto, bro?"
2. "Would you wanna maybe hit up the Grotto tomorrow after school?"
3. "I promise, I was only doing homework with her at the Grotto."
by GCHS September 15, 2014
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