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Gromlins are a race of aboreal marsupials. These strange creatures originated as a result of glaciation in Western Europe during the Maezo-panteric era - prior to the extinction of the dinosaurs.

Gromlin habitats used to be spread throughout Europe, with pockets located in every mountain range. Due to the effects of shoddy geography and a lack of reading, social retardation has set in and these elusive creatures can now only be found in glacial regions where they chew on the ice in a futile search for nourishment.

The exception is a small band that are native to Paris, France, who have survived in a local theme park and are the cause of severe rain showers. This band of Gromlins have been known to jostle umbrella wielding gentlemen and caused dampness on the arms of their charges - for which Gromlins should be blamed...
Look at those Gromlins!

Gromlination of the glacial crust can lead to degradation and enhanced calving.

That was a very interesting lesson on Gromlins that I just attended - Gromlins rock!

Damn you Gromlins and your Gromlin induced damparmitis!
by DrBLeeveme June 14, 2010
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