The dog from "Wallace and Gromit".
He never speaks...but his actions are priceless.
How i marvel when he slaps his head in dismay, whenever Wallace messes it up.

Wallace:"Cheeeeese Gromit"

Wallace:"I'm just crackers about cheeeese Gromit"

Wallace:"Aww Gromit..."

(all quoted from my memory of the Wallace and Gromit films)
by Michael Hinchcliffe December 10, 2007
Grom or Gromit.....A young up and comer in the surf, sk8, snow boarding'm 30 and I am way Grommy
Ah he's still a lil grom gromit..He's got a lot to learn
by tawagandi August 13, 2007
A person male or female who's mobile phone is practically glued to their hand but they are well known for screening calls or not replying to SMS messages on a continual basis. This person will also have closet gay tendencies and froths over giving rusty trombones
Oh yeah He's not returning my call cos he's doin a gromit
by captainlongshlongsilver March 13, 2011
A cross between a dork, a mallrat, a hippie, and a rocker. Gromits hang out at the mall or in parking lots. They are known to wear:
Dr. Suess hats
Marilyn Manson or Korn shirts
Jnco jeans
Wallet chains of hemp rope with beads in 'em
Gromits are almost always white. They listen to ICP and Staind. Gromits are by definition teenage boys in the most awkward phase of growth of their lives. But there are female gromits. They usually have acne.
Dude, shut up I remember when you were a trenchcoat wearing gromit at the mall.

It was to her eternal shame that she lost her virginity to a townie gromit one drunken night when she was fifteen.
by Cunnilinguist December 8, 2003
You have summoned gromit what do you mean he is the cheese lord
by Wallpaper January 4, 2020
A, usually unpopular, Teenager who trys to be 'emo' or any other 'rock' social cliques but fails miserably.
Gromits often will try to dress as if they are trying to be 'unique' but end up looking like twats, will listen to 'screamo' rock music that they do not even like and cut themselves and/or act depressed to try and fit in with the more popular rock scene.

They, for some unkown reason, believe this is how to fit in.

They are wrong



A gromit band:

A band that calls themself hardcore/rock
But are shit

i.e. My Chemical Romance
Gromit: "Hey cool people with awesome hair and skinny jeans, may I hang out with you? I even cut myself and wore my converses especially"

Cool people: "No, you're a gromit who wants to be us, go kill yourself"
by Christopher 'Munky' Newton February 9, 2008