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A monster from the third season of the television horror anthology series "Tales From The Darkside". The Grither is a monster that appears in the episode "Seasons of Belief".

At first, the Grither seems to be a made-up story by very creative parents who seem to tell tall tales to their children.

The Grither was born on a sailing ship that got lost in the Arctic sea. They drifted about for weeks but saw nothing except icebergs and glaciers. Some passengers drowned or froze to death or committed suicide. The Grither was born out of the rage of all of those people who died. No one knows why the Grither kills.

The Grither is a "fiercesome, dangerous, and appalling creature" that lives at the North Pole. The more times you say the Grither's name out loud, he hears you and will come closer, because he doesn't like to hear himself being talked about. He has very good ears and they get a bit bigger any time his name is spoken, anywhere on Earth.

He lives in the coldest wettest cave on earth on the other side of Santa Claus' workshop. The grither lives in a ship that somehow got stuck inside of the cave, but doesn't like to be wet or cold.

The Grither is so-named because he has fists as big as basketballs and arms as long as boa-constrictors, and whenever he finds the person who has used his name in vain he grithers them in. He is as tall as a poplar, but he can bend all the way over and touch the ground. His skin looks like a roadmap, and he is very white so his veins show through. The blue is for fear, and the red is for rage.

Not only do the Grither's ears grow bigger whenever one mentions his name, but if they become extremely large, they can be used for flight.

The Grither is not to be confused with either the Bigfoot or the Abominable Snowman. The only people who have ever seen the Grither are those the Grither has eaten.

The Grither sings a song when he approaches his victims. The song goes like this:

"Oh, I am the Grither
You cannot escape me,
For pleading is useless
And so are your prayers

The Grither is greedy,
For only one thing,
To keep you from taking
To keep you from taking
To keep you from taking
His name in vain."

There are further verses that tell what he looks like.
"The Grither will come and get you this Christmas if you say his name in vain!"

"My parents were killed by the Grither!"
by Inuki October 11, 2007
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An imaginary childhood monster similar to the boogeyman. It hides under beds and in closets and comes out at night to terrorize small children.
Tommy: Mommy I don't want to eat my veggies.
Mother: If you don't finish your vegetables the Grither will get you in the night.

My mom used to tell that if I wasn't good the Grither would come an eat me.
by Anonymous_222 August 12, 2006
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