A turd with a very large girth that takes a long time to squeeze out. Usually has a few sharp edges.
Declan just took twenty minutes in the bathroom. I think he had a grishnack!
by The mikty one March 14, 2016
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Count Grishnack did not kill Euronymous just be more evil. Thats what the media and newspapers said to sell more. It is false statement accordin to Count Grishnack. In interviews he clearly stated that he Euronymous tried to kill him first but Grishnack got Euronymous's shotgun an scared he off. Later Count Grishnack came and stabbed Euronymous 16 times in back 5 in the neck and 2 in head. Count Grishanck was later senteced to 21 years in jail (in Norway). They also found stolen dynomite and plans to blow up church on a holiday. He later escaped took stole car an went on police chase for day. When they captured him they found guns, gas mask, grednades, weapons ect. in the car. Count Grishnack or Varg Vikernes is still in jail in Norway were he worked on his one man band Burzum.
Count Grishnack is know for his infamous acts and his works of his ambient black metal band BURZUM
by GOAT FUKER February 6, 2005
Count Grichnack is the nickname of Varg Vikernes, famed black metal legend. He was the 1 man band of Burzum and bassist for Mayhem on their album "De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas". He later killed Euronymous, Mayhem's guitarist, to prove he was more evil.

The name is derived from Lord of the Rings by JRR Tolkien. Grishnack was an Orc. Varg wrote about LOTR in much of his music.
Why did Count Grishnack have to kill Euronymous?! WHY?!
by mylovedenied October 10, 2004
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