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A Grinstead is the best friend that you could ever ask for. Grinsteads are kind-hearted, caring, sweet, and loving. If you ever come across a Grinstead, they will be nice to you. It's as simple as that. They are known for being generous and taking people in when they are in need. If you are lucky enough to have a Grinstead fall in love with you, you will have someone to rely on for life.
That Grinstead is such a sweetheart.
by The Mad Hatter 10 October 04, 2012
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Grinstead people are POOR people who watch nascar and come from POOR family's. They call other people grienstead's to hide the fact that they are the ultimate definition of white trash and fail to make it in society. Due to this insecurity they start hating on people who are 'better off' than they are. You can always tell a trashy person from a classy person when the trashy person opens their mouth. They usually get personal and will say anything including run their foul mouth to get back at the one they are JEALOUS of.

Men will being 'wife beaters' and have tattoos all over their unkempt hairy flabby bodies. They will sometimes also wear FAKE jewelry. Most of their clothes are hand me downs or bought at some cheap store.

Women will be wearing ragamuffin clothes. Also hand me down types of items.
by kunduko March 06, 2008
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