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The name of a character on the soap opera, "All My Children", portrayed by one of TV's worst actors, Jordi Vilasuso.

This (not so) skilled actor received an EMMY for his previous work on screen…It is totally baffling, as to how he achieved this? Given his acting repertoire as now currently presented on screen.

His Neanderthal image stirs many feelings in the grown women mainly that of an unclean, flea infested Ape.
Yet he is the New Messier? Amongst the people, for the people of Pine Valley?

His healing hands touch ALL, (and often roughly) he is their unshaven HERO? With coal dust, sadly trying to imitate a beard.

His chest is, as inflated as his head. (And his butt) Which amongst many has earned him the nickname, "GriffMOOBS” but sadly his chest goes without support; but he soldiers on; sometimes in the same shirt for a week? (Phew!!)
His skills as a Doctor are truly immense. Given two fingers, he can bandage them together, completely unaided and without verbal direction via a telephone link!! Awesome. LOL…
We are told over and over and over again that Griffin Castillo saves lives....We haven't seen him save ONE on his own!'...Telling us he's a hero, does not make him one.

What will All My Children be like without him?
Less contrived, with less forced story lines;

Griffin Castillo Neanderthal Ape GriffMOOBS Arrogant - A$$ole
by tkfanalways June 14, 2011
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