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"act of Grabbing the ribs. usually painful to the victim and hilarious to the Gribber"

There are many types of Gribb such as but not limited to:
The stealth/surprise Gribb
The reverse Gribb

The counter Gribb

The lethal Gribb

The accidental Gribb


History of the Gribb
The Gribb and act of Gribbing as a term was invented by Louis H*p***n Dickins in January 2011, its invention was down to simple spelling mistake which resulted in epiphany and subsequent Gribbing of Luke O’s****an. Since then it has become more widely used.
Gribbing example:

Max: “GRIBB” *Gribbs sam*

Sam: “ oooooowwww”

Max: “hahahaa”
Lucy: “whats up ?”
Sam: “max Gribbed me! again”
Max: “hahahaa”
Lucy: “oh what type of gribb?”
Sam: “ it was a reverse Gribb, really hurt”

Max: “hahahaa”*collapses on the floor in a fit of laughter*

Lucy “why didn’t you just counter gribb him?”
Sam: “oh wha? You should teach me that”
by inventor of "Gribb/Gribbing" February 04, 2011
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Giving away or given a gift with clear expectations of a favor or gift in return.
"I thought it was a nice sweater, but she was gribbing it to me. Now she waits for some unknown favor. I don't know how a gift got me into this.....debt. She was gribbing me. le sigh.
by Fluffyscottro July 26, 2011
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