A disease affecting teh Gay-Related.
PIB and Felix apparently both have the GRIBS. (Felix gave it to PIB).
by Riley_Martin May 25, 2006
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Carl smoked like 18 grams of grib last night.
by Cojocar March 9, 2008
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"act of Grabbing the ribs. usually painful to the victim and hilarious to the Gribber"

There are many types of Gribb such as but not limited to:
The stealth/surprise Gribb
The reverse Gribb

The counter Gribb

The lethal Gribb

The accidental Gribb


History of the Gribb
The Gribb and act of Gribbing as a term was invented by Louis H*p***n Dickins in January 2011, its invention was down to simple spelling mistake which resulted in epiphany and subsequent Gribbing of Luke O’s****an. Since then it has become more widely used.
Gribbing example:

Max: “GRIBB” *Gribbs sam*

Sam: “ oooooowwww”

Max: “hahahaa”
Lucy: “whats up ?”
Sam: “max Gribbed me! again”
Max: “hahahaa”
Lucy: “oh what type of gribb?”
Sam: “ it was a reverse Gribb, really hurt”

Max: “hahahaa”*collapses on the floor in a fit of laughter*

Lucy “why didn’t you just counter gribb him?”
Sam: “oh wha? You should teach me that”
by inventor of "Gribb/Gribbing" February 5, 2011
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The word grib refers to a small area of fat just below the belly button. Its abbreviated from the honorary Dale Gribble's stomach pooch.
My my Reed, your grib is looking particularly big today.
by Cersin Shuw October 31, 2013
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When you have been utterly destroyed by the master of the minors gribby
I got #gribbed
by A lady chick thing October 24, 2013
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To steal.
Can you grib a car?

I just gribbed an oz.
by 3Pape July 8, 2003
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