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If a male wears gray sweatpants then their private area would be noticeable.
Ashley: β€œOmg!! Benji is wearing grey sweatpants!!!”
Jeyjey: β€œLET ME SEE!! LET ME SEE!!”
by Gracie Booh πŸ’• June 25, 2019
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If a guy wears Grey sweatpants you can see his d**k.
Rachel: did you know jake is wearing grey sweatpants?

Sally: Really, omg I want to see!
by Illuminate 74759485 April 06, 2017
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The pants that you should wear when you hang with your girl;)
Girlfriend:"You should comeover today, oh and wear your grey sweatpants"
by FBGMx2 July 29, 2016
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