a day filled with immense sadness and nothing can change it
She was having a grey day.
by queertears December 30, 2016
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1. A tour done by g59records.

2. How people say happy birthday in the g59 fan base.
1. I went to grey day, it was fking awesome!

2. Happy grey day bro!
by metagod November 12, 2021
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november 22 is grey sweats day. all guys wear grey sweats on november 22
“dude why is everyone wearing sweats?”
bro is grey sweats day!!”
oh damn, i wore jeans 🥺”
by crazydino99 November 22, 2019
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On November 15 every boy needs to wear grey sweatpants to raise awareness for all single ladies and the day of asking them out.
Boys wear grey sweatpants and ask the girl, boy or person you like out on a date.

Girl: wow he is wearing sweatpants I wonder if he is going to ask someone out.
Wear grey sweatpants day needs to happen
by Yo need love November 4, 2019
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i created this term, it means you go three days wearing three different grey shirts of any kind
person one: didnt she wore a grey shirt yesterday and day before too?

person two: yes thats three day grey
by anons15 April 5, 2021
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