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When you first meet a Grelia you will be blown away by her talent, her beauty, and most importantly her kindness. She will always be there for you no matter what. She is fine as heckkk and dont ever let her tell you otherwise. She could literally be wearing a garbage bag and one look from her could make you heart melt(Thatss Crazzzzy). She's super talented but is super humble and is never ever to busy to help another person with their technical studies no matter how hard they are(F sharp Harmonic Minor).

A Grelia is literally talented at everything from art to calligraphy to even freaking origami. She will best you in everything because of her perfect self and all you can do is smile and appreciate how amazing she is. She is super sweet and wont let you pay for the first date or the next making you scheme on ways to pay without her noticing.

You'll tend to be shy when asking a Grelia out because she is such an beautiful thing that walking up causes you to get butterflies in you stomach and feel dizzy. But never fear, though it may take you 9 times to muster up your courage you'll realize that asking her out was the best thing ever and that you'll be the luckiest guy ever to have her as your girlfriend
Bryan is soooooo lucky to have Grelia as his girlfriend.
by COW135 September 28, 2019
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