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1. Gary Ridgway, the "Green River killer". Murdered over fifty people near Seattle, mostly prostitutes. Kind of like Jack the Ripper. He is the namesake of:

2. Green River, an awesome Seattle-based band in the mid-80s, arguably the inventors of grunge. Singer Mark Arm and guitarist Steve Turner later formed Mudhoney, and everyone else except the drummer later formed Mother Love Bone. Today, Jeff Ament and Stone Gossard are famous for their work in Pearl Jam.

3. An album by Creedence Clearwater Revival, their second release of 1969. A great record with many good songs, including the title track.
1. While the Green River Killer was only accounted for forty-eight murders, he claimed to be the killer of over ninty people.

2. Green River made a lot of great and influencial songs such as "Swallow My Pride".

3. Green River is a very acclaimed album, often considered CCR's best record.
by Rhymin' Simon July 15, 2009
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The small town in Wyoming where all the cool kids live. Far more superior than the hole 15 miles east called Rock Springs. Produces few douche bags, but the ones who are are SEVERE douche bags.
What? You're from Green River? That's friggin' awesome! You must, in turn, be awesome! Unless you're one of those douche bags people speak of...
by AST1027 October 10, 2008
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