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Another term for the Appalachian Trail: the 2200 mile hiking path from Georgia to Maine. It is called the green tunnel because much of it lies in the low altitude deciduous forests of the east coast and the constant view looking down the trail is like looking through a "green tunnel."
After 6 months in the green tunnel, it was good to get back to civilization.
by 07079 September 13, 2011
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An extrem demanding image, which causes permament or short confusing. In some cases it even caused paranoia.

Cases in Russia even showed that the brain can create a addiction to the green tunnel image, because it is with nothing comperable.
" I couldn't do my homework, my brain didn't work"

" I told you you shouldn't look at the damn Green Tunnel"

"My cousin became so weird after looking at the Green Tunnel"
"I know that is why I don't even wanna look at it"
by Le tunnel vert March 10, 2011
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