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GraserMC, also known as Graser10 or just Graser, is a Minecraft YouTuber who has over 200,000 subscribers. He is known as the silly, ugly robot. He owns an SMP server called the Cube, which consists of him and his many friends. His face has been revealed, but not by him and he wishes for his channel to not contain anything about his personal life, therefore he does not do any videos with his face and nobody knows his real name (there have only been guesses). He does this so that people can judge him on his personality, not his looks. He is friends with people like KermitPlaysMinecraft, TheCampingRusher, StrauberryJam, StacyPlays and many more.
Fan: Have you watched the latest episode of the Cube on GraserMC's channel?
Man: No, who's that?
Man: *Backs away*.
by iDJZombie November 02, 2014
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An overconfident virgin with a micropenis that loves to kick people from a community just because. Often found in noob servers getting rekt by his 6 year old fans and whores for kills, money and fame (in the form of subscribers and likes). Also, he never played BuildUHC Ranked (aka the ladder of the PvP gods) and probably plays like a 1200 scrub
Aww man, GraserMC lost another season and then got salty and kicked people from the game. What an immature cocksucker.
by 2kEloOnLaglion August 21, 2016
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A jackass who betrays his friends.
Ex:1 Man he pulled a GraserMC on ThatOneTomahawk.
by DustGraphics August 21, 2016
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