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Where it is eaten: food eaten in the scenic country of Pollowalalynd on new years day.

Ingredients: walrus blubber, ground aloe leaves, chinchilla meat, and a dash of paprika.

Instructions: put the ingredients in any big pot of boiling salt water for 45 min and then take the chinchilla meat out and marinate it with carmel for only 20 min. then, barbeque the meat over a smokey outdoor fire and constantly pour the walrus blubber and ground aloe leaves on the chinchilla meat. after 40 min of cooking, add more paprika. once youve finnished this, its ready to serve!

notes: serve while hot.
keeps for 3 days.
make sure you have properly cleaned
the chinchilla meat before cooking!
bob: gee, i would love some barbequed carmel chinchilla with a dash of paprika right now...
joe: then why dont we head over to my house! my wifes making Granflons tonight!
by Granflons are bomb March 14, 2009
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