A title in World of Warcraft apparently given to the best players who PvP'd...in 2005. The title has no value whatsoever today.
One of the sexiest night elf huntresses was a grand marshal. Now she can't do shit anymore. The server's people then called the grand marshal "grandma."
by Bandin April 05, 2008
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The oblivious, slow driver that no one can pass leading a long line of aggrevated drivers behind him, like he is the Grand Marshall in a parade.
Geezzis... I wish this Grand Marshall would pull the freak over so I can get to work!!!
by puttycake December 01, 2009
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The grand marshall is the person of honor in a parade.
Some woman was a grand marshall because she was ninety years old, making her some small town's oldest resident. If she can get a parade honoring her for that, I'll have no trouble becoming a grand marshall.
by Diggity Monkeez January 04, 2005
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