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The oblivious, slow driver that no one can pass leading a long line of aggrevated drivers behind him, like he is the Grand Marshall in a parade.
Geezzis... I wish this Grand Marshall would pull the freak over so I can get to work!!!
by puttycake December 1, 2009
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A Hockey Stick Gift is a gift given another that is really a present that the giver wants for him/herself.... typically given to another family member. Not unlike a "Chipmunck Gift," but one that is really coveted by the giver.
"Bobby gave Mom a Hockey Stick Gift for the holidays.... he gave her that train set he's been wanting all year..."
by puttycake December 17, 2009
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Bodies of water that occur at street curbs that need to be navigated after snow or rain.
The curb water was so wide and deep in front of Penn Station after Snowmageddon, you needed Navy Seal training to cross over it.
by puttycake January 26, 2016
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